The partnership between Oakwood Homes and Nest Home Lending provides a one-stop shop for the homebuyer looking for on-time closings and a team that listens. With everything in-house, it’s easy to over move from your buyer consultation to your mortgage originator and get started with the home buying process sooner than ever. With in-house processing, underwriting and funding, Nest Home Lending, LLC is fully committed to on-time closings and a streamlined, satisfying home-financing experience. As a Trusted Lending Source, we look forward to serving you!

In a perfect world, past financial problems would not stand in the way of buying a home today. However, in the real world, they do all too often. The joy of helping home-dreamers become homeowners is the reason Oakwood Homes created the Homebuyers Club (HBC).

This free program, started in 1996, became the first of its kind in the metropolitan Denver area and continues to be one of the most successful homebuying help programs. Every year, dozens of HBC members successfully clear a path to homeownership, usually within months.

Contact HBC today to build equity, take advantage of significant tax breaks, and gain a practical hedge against inflation starting from the very first month of homeownership. When you consider how homes in metro Denver have appreciated over the past decade, do you really want to wait any longer?