Topic: Financials

What does the HOA cover?

The Town Center Metropolitan District is the operating district that will provide services for the community. Services and maintenance include the following: Maintenance of the common area landscaping within courtyards and common areas (outside of… Read more »

What is the price range of these homes?

The AMERICANDREAM collection starts in the mid $200s. Homesite location and options will affect the final price. Pricing is subject to change due to market conditions.

Can Investors own a property?

All of the American Dream homes must be owner occupied. We also have a three-year deed restriction set on the home in order to eliminate a renter community and allow our homeowners to grow equity… Read more »

What kind of loan programs are available?

Nest Home Lending is a full-service mortgage company and is the preferred lender of Oakwood Homes. They offer competitive rates and competitive loan programs to meet just about any need. From VA to CHFA, there… Read more »

Do I owe any money up front?

The initial down payment to start the process of owning an American Dream home is $2,500. We suggest you work with your lender regarding the total amount due at time of closing. We do not… Read more »